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Gold Plan Overview

For those members who want to take their income to the next level, let me introduce to you our Gold Plan. The key to the Gold Plan is that the same team stays in place. So the same team you’ve built in the Basic Plan, you don’t have to go and build another team for Gold, that same team stays in place and when they upgrade, the cost is only $15 more a month plus a $10 annual processing fee.

Overwiew Chart of Freeways Matrix on Gold The income from the Gold Plan, once again, your team stays in place, the same 5x5 matrix, but instead of earning $1 commission on level 1, you’re now going to earn $4 for each gold member on level 1 which means you’re going to earn a total of $20 for level 1. For level 2, instead of earning $0.25, now you’re going to earn $1.25 for each Gold Member on level 2. For level 3, instead of earning $0.75, you're going to earn $1.75 for each Gold Member on level 3. That’s a total of $270 a month on level 3, which is very doable. Level 4 – instead of earning $1.00 you now will earn $4 per member on level 4. That is a total of $2,770.00 per month, and we’re not done yet!

Level 5 – 3,125 members which you will be earning $5 per Gold Member on this level.

That’s a total of $18,395 per month

Which adds up to over $200,000 a year.

These charts are for illustrative purposes only. The total earnings listed are the actual income potential per member and is based solely on your own efforts.