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Basic Plan Overview

Now lets go over the numbers. On level 1 we pay $1 commission per member. So that means, just on level 1 you are earning $5. And once you’re earning $5 in commissions, it’s not going to charge your monthly autoship. It will take it straight out of your commissions. And that’s a good thing, especially when you’re team building.

Overview Chart of Freeways Matrix on Basic Now, on level 2, we pay $0.25 per member. On level 3, we pay $0.75 per member, level 4, we pay $1 per member and level 5 $1 per member.

That's a TOTAL of $3,855.00 per month!

I like to concentrate on level 4. Because when you get to that 4th level and you start to earn enough to pay a car payment or a house payment, now you know you have something good and solid. It only gets better from here. On level 4 you’re earning $732 a month and on level 5, when you’ve completed your 5x5 matrix, you’re earning $3,855.00 a month, which is over $46,000 a year.

These charts are for illustrative purposes only. The total earnings listed are the actual income potential per member and is based solely on your own efforts.